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Northern District (Hebrew: מחוז הצפון‬, Mehoz HaTzafon).
Population (EoY 2016): 1,401,300
Area: 4,473 km2
District capital: Nazareth
Tzfat (sub-district) – population: 116,000
Kinneret (sub-district) – population: 114,000
Yizre'el (sub-district) – population: 498,100
Akko (sub-district) – population: 624,300
Golan (sub-district) – population: 48,800
City : Nazareth - District : Northern - Population : 75,922
Golan sub-district and its four natural regions are included in the number of sub-districts and natural regions by Israel Statistics even though it is not recognized by the United Nations or the international community as Israeli territory.
Golan: Was occupied in the 1967 Six-Day War and internationally unrecognized annexed by Israel's Golan Heights Law.
Northern Area, North District of Israel
Districts of Israel : Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Northern, Central, Southern
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