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08 XXX XXXX - Southern Area
Southern District (Hebrew: מחוז הדרום‬, Mehoz HaDarom).
Population (EoY 2016): 1,244,200
Area: 14,185 km2
District Capital: Beersheba
Ashkelon (sub district) – population: 532,000
Be'er Sheva (sub-district) – population: 712,200
City : Ashkelon - District : Southern - Population : 134,454
City : Ashdod - District : Southern - Population : 221,591
City : Beersheba - District : Southern - Population : 205,810
Formerly Hof Aza Regional Council with a population of around 10,000 Israeli settlers was part of this district, but the settlements that constituted it were evacuated when the disengagement plan was implemented in the Gaza Strip. Currently only the Coordination and Liaison Administration operates there.
Southern Area, District of Israel
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