Kosher - Mobile phones and internet services in Israel
Kosher - Find mobile phones and internet services in Israel
Kosher phone numbers and products in Israel
Kosher phones and networks are products with Haredi rabbinical approval that can be used for communication without entertainment functionality or connectivity.
Kosher phone lines are listed with a pre-defined prefix and it is blocked to content that Haredi activists feel is not appropriate for their community.
Kosher phone restrictions : includes blocking cellular internet access, chat rooms, SMS, social networks, news, etc. Imply an added level of stringency accepted by some communities.
The other regular phones (not kosher) does not have these restrictions according to Jewish law.
But the majority of observant Orthodox Jews worldwide do not restrict themselves to kosher phones;
List of companies who provides kosher numbers and allocated exclusive ranges for those lines
+972 (A) 80X-XXXX - Bezeq (When A = 2,3,4,8,9)
+972 50 41X-XXXX - Pelephone
+972 52 71X-XXXX - Cellcom, second range
+972 52 76X-XXXX - Cellcom, first range
+972 53 31X-XXXX - Hot Mobile
+972 54 84X-XXXX - Partner, first range
+972 54 85X-XXXX - Partner, second range
+972 58 32X-XXXX - Golan Telecom
+972 55 67X-XXXX - Rami Levy
+972 55 71X-XXXX - Cellact
+972 55 98X-XXXX - 019 Telzar
+972 72 29X-XXXX - Partner (012smile)
+972 73 724-XXXX - Veidan
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